The Leader in Private Money Real Estate Lending

Sand Dollar Funding is a leading company in the real estate industry specializing in private money lending. With years of experience, we have established ourselves as the go-to choice for clients seeking reliable financing. Our team of experts is committed to helping our customers achieve their investment goals by providing exceptional service and flexible lending solutions. We take pride in our ability to offer fast and efficient funding to ensure that the resources needed for success are readily available. Our reputation as the leader in private money real estate lending is built on our commitment to excellence, and we look forward to helping our clients achieve their financial objectives for years to come.

Using our collective experience in private money lending trades, the team at Sand Dollar looks toward expanding opportunities with new and existing clients and investor relationships as we become a leading issuer of non-leveraged, private money products in select markets via a Reg D, 506(c) fund.

Approach and Philosophy

The Sand Dollar Funding, LLC partners, individually, have decades of experience in the private money lending business. From managing investor participations and robust real estate backed portfolios (performing and third-party distressed), to originating, underwriting, servicing, funding, and applying resolution services, we engage in all facets of the private money business.

Our Mission Statement:

"We are committed to offering personalized private money products with a focus on ease, speed, and convenience for our borrowers. We will always exercise prudent, pragmatic underwriting practices, yielding favorable returns for our investors."


Our entire team gives you the necessary experience and prudent advice to make the most informed decision possible, for both lenders and borrowers.


We offer fast and prompt responses to all loan requests. In some instances we have underwritten and approved loans within four business days. Count on Sand Dollar to give you the best solutions in a timely manner, exceeding expectation.


Expect transparent delivery of any and all information needed, through an uncompromising team committed to excellence and quality of service.

Local & National Focus

Sand Dollar Funding places a general focus on administering private money loans in Washington, Idaho, and Utah – our primary market. Future growth will be resourced by identifying favorable market trends in select, primarily non-judicial foreclosure states across the United States.

Investor Opportunities

High yield alternatives to traditional retirement investments.

Investor Information

Borrower Funding

Reliable and committed funding for real estate projects.

Borrower Funding