Reliable and Committed Funding

Reliable and committed funding is crucial for private loans to ensure that borrowers can receive the necessary funds on time and with a high degree of certainty. With Sand Dollar’s reliable funding, borrowers can expect competitive interest rates and terms while also managing their own risk. Additionally, committed funding ensures that lenders are able to provide ongoing support to borrowers, including refinancing options and other services. By maintaining reliable and committed funding sources, private lenders can build strong relationships with borrowers and help them achieve their financial goals.

Loans are available from $25,000 to multiple millions

Specialized Lending Approach

Sand Dollar Funding is a private lending company that believes in a "win-win" philosophy for both borrowers and lenders. We prioritize the success of our borrowers and provide assistance along the way to help them achieve their goals. Borrowers provide continuous positive feedback regarding Sand Dollar's exceptional support in contrast to other lenders. We pride ourselves on honesty, integrity, and a commitment to the borrower’s success, and we typically go above and beyond what is required to ensure that our borrowers are happy with the lending experience. Our commitment to the borrower’s success set us apart from other lenders and makes us a trusted partner for anyone looking for real estate funding.

Our goal is to create a win-win scenario for all participants, both lenders and borrowers.


Flexible & short-term financing to residential real estate investors


Commercial, multi-family and apartment complex funding


Custom construction loans for residential and commercial builds


Development, land acquisition and other investment projects